How about 'mentioning topic' feature?

(Jeff Atwood) #21

It’s not a performance issue, it’s a human brain issue. An unconstrained search set (100k, 500k, millions) is very different from a set of

  • 817 emoji
  • 16 categories
  • users who ever participated in this topic
  • users who ever participated in this category
  • users who ever participated on the site by posting in the last 30 days
  • users who ever posted anything ever


(Dave McClure) #22

I think a reasonable and useful constraint would be:

  • topics I have opened

(Mittineague) #23

That seems reasonable. Even for the most prolific topic starter - Sam - has only 308

(Dave McClure) #24

I think that number is the topics he has created… I’m sure the number of topics he has opened is far greater. But it could be further limited to:

  • topics I have opened in the last month (or some other reasonable time period).

My guess is that you’ll probably be mentioning a topic you have read recently, not something you read a year ago and have not opened since.

(Mittineague) #25

Ah, I took “opened” to mean started as in “Opening Post” not “entered”.

IMHO if using entered, anything more than a month could get to be a problem.

And I wonder how useful it would be. Seems it would be convenient but not needed as long as a member had good search foo or Bookmarked

(Brady) #26

@codinghorror I’d like to take a stab at some form of this plugin (allowing a subset of topics to be mentioned), or at least look into implementation of it. I’m thinking most of this is already done through category and user mentions but I haven’t found a base for those things in the code yet. Could you point me in the right direction?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #27

For a start you could look at the files changed in this PR by @tgxworld who worked on the category/tag mention feature:


Continuing the discussion from Internal Link Shortcuts:

I know that, but I like to use URLs without the domain name, in case anything changes (scheme, domain, etc.) Having a convenient shortcut to a specific place is more scalable IMO than copy-pasting URLs. Anyway I never use the ‘current post URL’ since I’m there already: I’m using other posts URLs, so that I can link them from where I post. It requires copying the link either from the search engine, the post date, or the sharing link. It’s OK when you know it, but not so convenient to all.

(Stefan Brand) #29

My workaround is to go to the address bar of my browser and (instantly!) search for the topics there. It’s more convenient than the search UI of Discourse (at least on mobile [Firefox]).

The downside is that

doesn’t work there. I have to load that topic and can then copy the link.

The real problem from my point of view is, that instant search has been dropped from mobile Discourse. (At least on my mobile Firefox - I’m aware that it is not officially supported.)


Users in any Support Forums could greatly benefit by having the ability to ability to directly @mention either a post or a Document as both would be lead to more productive exchanges

  • This would be great for volunteers/ambassadors etc that help provide end user support as it would allow quick citing of official documentation
  • The ability to directly reference another discussion/thread/post often is used to point users to previously answered questions/threads

Below is an Example from Jive … I typed the @sign and began typing the word ‘maximize’, it first looked at username on a character by character basis then began showing Documents/Blogs/Questions and allowed user selection and direct linking

(Ronny Hanssen) #32

My biggest gripe with this is that if I want the post I am writing to look good then I want both the link and a title to go with it. So to make this easier there are two options, as I see it:

  1. When you click the “Insert Hyperlink” toolbar button and paste the url then Discourse will detect if the link is to something in Discourse and then looks up the title for it and copies it into the “optional title” field.

  2. When rendering a post to the screen, when discourse finds a link (without a title) then it checks if this is a topic, category, etc and then gets the target title and decorates the rendering accordingly.

I would myself prefer option 2, but maybe in the Insert hyperlink box there could be a help-icon that pops up an explanation about how internal links are decorated?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #33

Option 2 is slotted for Discourse next version :smiley:

(Ronny Hanssen) #34

Ah. After some trials I see that this decoration is already performed. It is just not executed for inline links. If the link is on a line of its own this seems to work fine:

I will based on this change my above suggestion to also do decoration of inline links, but to only show the title instead of the full excerpt.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #35

Yes, and I believe that’s what is described here:


Is there any possibility that you could review your position and provide some feedback on the feasibility of extending the @mention function?
My particular interest is outlined in this comment

(Sam Saffron) #37

ctrl/ already takes you to the search box while typing in the composer.

We plan to extend this so you can quickly search and then hit down arrow and add a link to the topic directly into the composer.

Search shortcut opens Quick Find on Firefox
(Christoph) #38

Are you aware that this shortcut does not work on non-US keyboards where / is only accessible via Shift? Or am I missing something?

(Sam Saffron) #39

hmmm so you can not do ctrl shift ?

(Christoph) #40

No, my / comes from Shift+7, but if I do Ctrl+Shift+7 in the editor I get:

  1. List item

For reference:



(Sam Saffron) #41

Oh oh … well that is a good catch then, going to need to figure out another shortcut then.