How best to manage events in discourse - possibly each day as a category

(jon) #1

We have a bunch of events that we want people to discuss, post pictures, comment on etc… All of this seems fine but I do need some overarching structure and was wondering if Discourse could provide that. It would seem that one possibility for structuring events would be have a category for each date. Like “June 15, 2014”, “June 15, 2015”, etc… Is there an alternative way to do this? Also, it looks like Discourse supports one subcategory - is that correct?


(Kane York) #2

I’d suggest a category for events, and try to keep it to 1 topic per event, but maybe a few is okay. It’s up to you.

(jon) #3

thx riking - basically everything would be an event and the most import info would be the date like show everything for June 01, 2014 . Would what you’re proposing satisfy that?

(Kane York) #4

How about encouraging people to put the date in the title somewhere?

(jon) #5

yeah, that’s one sol’n but would be very prone to error. would prob go with building a category for each date before I trust users to do that.

(system) #6