How can a suspended user contact staff?


my best friend on a forum has been suspended due to an argument with other users and I would like to help her get reinstated.

Unfortunately, based on the screenshots which she sent me, she is unable to login.

I have read some discussions here saying, that suspended users are only able to contact staff.

How to do so if they are unable to login? Aren’t the suspended users seeing any message or where can they access it?


Silenced users can contact staff or anyone in PM’s. Suspended users cannot. I think you’re mixing them up. Silenced users can still access their accounts, while suspended users cannot login. I do not see any threads here saying that you can contact staff members when suspended. In theory, you can’t send a PM to a staff member if you’re suspended, since you can’t access your account. If you really want your friend back in, you should be able to send a PM(Granted at TL1) to the staff members telling them to get him/her unsuspended. You can always contact the email address at the bottom of the about page too.

Just a side note, this topic should be moved to the #support category instead of #feature.

There should also be an email address at the bottom of the About page.


Do you mean this? Here is all I see on the About page:

There is no e-mail address.

Have you scrolled down to the bottom? If there actually isn’t one, you should try this:

There is usually something like

Here is the forum:

I really don’t know. There’s no e-mail address.

Yes, but it looks like they aren’t displaying a contact address.

Yes, there has never been a contact address.

I know which staff member suspended the user. Is there any way to e-mail the staff member if all I know is the staff member’s username?

It has to be my friend who appeals and I can’t message staff on their behalf.

If they’ve gone out of their way to avoid external contact then obviously not.

You can always ask staff the appeals process for suspended users, but that’s a conversation to have with them, not us.