How Can I Bulk Import Options For My Custom Field - Drop Down Menu - at user Sign-up

Hello there.

My community is for students and at sign-up, I require them to put in the name of their school. This ‘School Name’ field is, of course, a Custom Field and I have chosen a Dropdown Menu. I have opted to use a drop-down menu instead of a text field because I want to ensure that members don’t use different variations of the same school name e.g.

  • Princeton University
  • Princeton
  • Princeton Uni
  • Princeton U.

Being that there are Thousands of schools out there, how can I Bulk Import Options (Names of Schools) for this Drop Down Menu.

Thanks for the help

Having a pull down with more than a couple dozen items will be difficult for people.

Getting the do name right is a problem, though. You should be able to add them from the rails console.

I think a solution would be a plug in (or pull request, but that’s not my decision) that assigned users to a group according to their email domain. (i don’t think that’s an option for groups yet…)

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Thanks @pfaffman

Do you mean to ‘bulk add’ drop-down menu options via Rails Console? If yes, kindly share with me how to achieve this. (I’m a very basic techie and newbie to almost everything coding)

Assigning users to a Group by email domain will be an awesome function if it exists.

Finally, is it possible to Force existing users to update a newly created Custom Field, so that it can be added to their profile? I refer to my dropdown menu in this case.

Have you got a budget? I think that you really want to solve this some way that doesn’t count on users behaving in a particular way.

You can get an elegant solution for $500 to $1000, I’d think.

Perhaps someone else will figure it out, but I’m too busy right now to come up with the rails code to add the schools to the pull down for free, especially given that I don’t think it’s a good idea solution. I’d likely do that for something like $150 to $300. My contact info is in my profile. (you’re self hosted, so you have access to the rails console, right?)