How can I bulk organize users into groups?

My forum is members of an organization, and they fall into classes by year. So there’s a Class Of 2014/2015, Class Of 2013/2014, etc. Each member gets access to the forum in general, but I’m also making a private category for each class (as sub-categories of a parent category called something like Classes By Year).

I see how to make a sub-category private by making a group for each class, and making the sub-category visible only to that group. But when people join the forum, I’m not sure how to assign them to the group for their class year. I have a master list of users, but I’d like to avoid the admin task of manually making all of these assignments.

Can anyone recommend an efficient way for users to request their own access, or at least a good method of bulk group assignment, so I can slot people into groups without having to do it one at a time? Or is there a better way to organize these private groups in the first place?

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You may want to check this out:

I think it will work for existing users. Is that true @techAPJ?


Yes it will work for existing users too. (As soon as the existing user clicks invite link, he/she will be added to the particular group Admin specified while sending invites.)


This is so freaking awesome! I was expecting the answer to my question was going to be “suck it up and do every single user individually”, but I asked anyway because Discourse seems so well designed that there was some chance I was missing something, and within an hour my prayers were answered. So far, I’m insanely happy with Discourse–and the meta community–compared to the yucky BB alternatives. Thanks so much for the help!


I was actually wondering the same thing and this is wonderful to know now. I agree with @joshfrank, “I’m insanely happy with Discourse–and the meta community”!

One of the best software platforms I have ever used and this is a great example of why.