How can I cancel a failed email job?

I help run a small forum and only just now switched from Mandrill to SparkPost.

Unfortunately there’s 95k failed email jobs and I’ve just hit the 10k+ daily limit with SparkPost. I thought I just spammed everyone will all the pending emails (99% are digest) from the last few weeks, but fortunately every email bounced because I haven’t yet changed the “notification email” to the new SparkPost one.

Would it be safe to go to and click on “Delete All”?

I want to avoid users suddenly getting a bunch of digest emails from us.

Sorted it out by wiping the queues in the end - I recommend that a note on clearing queues be added to (or at least a warning that users will receive all their pending emails in one go), as I’m sure that I’m not the only absent-minded forum admin out there …