How can I change the default landing page to be Categories?

(mae) #1

Is this simply unchecking “redirect users to top page”?

(Daniela) #2

Via admin > settings type in the search box top menu and drag into the first position categories

New or absent for a long time users will be redirect to the top page. If you want you can uncheck the setting.

(Mittineague) #3

The redirect to Top page setting is for members that have been absent from the site for a while.

That is, regardless of what the “home” page is, they will go to the Top page.

The rationale is that they will be more interested / better served, by seeing what’s “hot” since they last visited.

The settings you are interested in are at
Admin -> Settings -> Basic Setup

The first is "top menu"
Whatever you have as first will be the default “home” page

The other is “desktop category page style” if you care about that.

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