How can I download the current running repo on my website for local development?

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I don’t want to download the github code but the exact code which my site is running currently. Is there anyway to get that repo downloaded to my local machine? Sorry, just too noob with these stuff


I don’t there are fine lines like that in revision. Or if there are I haven’t seen them or they are not publicly available. Plus docker has changed since then (unless you are non-docker install person).

Interesting question though because I felt that my instance of was very stable (and had no problems with either) broke everything for me (others might have had a different experience).

So it would be nice to have those installs available.

Good question BTW…

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thanks a lot. Yes, I would like to download my current version which is I just couldn’t think that downloading will make it outdated once the live version of website updates with next update. But still, I’d like to have the current version downloaded on my local machine which is currently live on my website

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If your install is unchanged from default:

  1. Find the SHA of the commit your install is on - either via git log or at /admin/docker
  2. Clone the official repo and revert to that revision

If you want to keep your install in sync with a different repo, I believe you can change the URL your Docker uses to the URL of a fork you make of the official repo. Then whenever you update that fork you could sync the changes back easily.

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