How can I find the ID of a category?

I’ve searched a lot but couldn’t find a way to find any category’s ID.
I can see/edit the name/slug of a category, but how/where can I find its ID?

I need this while adding/editing entries in ‘PermaLinks’.

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Thank you very much.

The help you sent contained much data. So I searched category_id in it.
It found me some Cat-IDs, but there was no method of knowing which ID belonged to which category (the category IDs of Meta, which I found this way, had the slugs, which, when typed, showed non-existent categories).

But this gave me the idea, and I started typing the numbers randomly, on my forum, beginning from 1 (i.e. ; 2; 3 and so on). And found that almost all categories are serially numbered (almost) beginning from 1.
So, thank you.

Note: Is there a way to locate some desired category in the Json data (I tried searching but didn’t work) and thereby finding its ID?

Edit1: I now found that there is only one category ID in the link sent by you: Category_id: 6.
But it did solve my problem.

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“site.json” might be better for you?

The “categories” property value is an array of objects that have id and name properties (along with a lot more).


An extension like JSONView - Chrome Web Store makes it easier to read those json pages.


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