How can I get Google to index all responses and comments as new URL endpoints (or pages)?

(Quintin Par) #1

Trying to achieve what this plugin is doing.

Or more like how Google indexes HackerNews responses. Here’s an example.

The goal is to get all responses indexed and their responses and comments, with each of them in their own right and maintaining a parent->child structure.

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

I don’t have solution for you. But I can’t understand why you need this option while Discourse performing well already on Google.

(Cee Kay) #3

I guess it is perfectly fine to have such a plugin for WordPress, But i don’t see a valid point in trying to achieve something of that sort on discussion boards or discourse. Most of the replies will be of no or less value. most of them will have just incomplete conversations

(Quintin Par) #4

Valid question. The reason here is, people often search for phrases present in the comments and Google should be able to take them to that exact phrase/comment. Let me give you an example.

What kind of salt should I use?” is a likely question in the comment section in a food blog post (assuming discourse is serving the comments). When Google indexes it as just one page, it is highly unlikely the viewer will be taken to the 15th comment in that page, that is “What kind of salt should I use?”. If this is served as a separate page, there is a chance google will take the viewer to that page, like the way google does that will HackerNews and in that page, it is probably easy to mention that “This is a comment from the blog post – Mango dipping sauce”.

On the other hand, if Google had indexed pages well that it took it to the right “#” URL within a page, this requirement wouldn’t have been needed. This is particularly important for pages with a large number of responses and comments.

Here is a real life example. In this blog post:

If people search for “magi chilli sauce, dried fenugreek leaves in chicken tikka masala”, its highly unlikely Google will take them to this hidden gem, which is probably the 40th comment…

(Quintin Par) #5

I’ve tried to answer this in the earlier reply but here’s an example where this could be done better in a forum

[“Receipt Number EAC14141”] (
shows you two results. One is a blog post and another a forum. In both the cases, finding the actual post/response around “Receipt Number EAC14141” is non-trivial work. Whereas, if this was indexed better (as a page), the viewer could have gone to the comment/response directly.

Hope that helps.