How can i implement discourse into a website

(Anthony Joo) #1

is this even possible?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Can you please be more specific about what you are looking for here? Do you want to put a Discourse forum into a website (like embedding) or use Discourse as a website? (Please note, the former is not possible).

(Juan M. Gonzalez) #3

The normal way is simply via the site menu, like this forum is in the menu of the site.

There is WP Discourse for some WordPress integration: comments, optional Single Sign On…

See also recent proposals for native theme support.

(Juan M. Gonzalez) #4

Something that opens many possibilities for site integration, and communication between sites, is the Discourse API.

And, for example in the case of WordPress integration, see also WordPress REST API (Version 2), etc.