How can I keep my database on separate machine using docker installer?

(Love Chopra ) #1

I want to keep my database sever separate on a different machine, can you please tell me how can I do this kind of configuration on my production environment?

(Nilesh Trivedi) #2

Use the samples/web_only.yml template and specify the database and Redis connection details in it.

(Love Chopra ) #3

Thanks @nileshtrivedi,
Will be really great if you can help me understand these things also:

  1. If I do not specify any DB config and done installation through docker then where it store its DB and how to access that?
  2. How can I install my custom discourse repo using docker installation method?

(Nilesh Trivedi) #4

(1) In that case, DB and Redis both are configured in the same docker container. You can see the details in templates/postgres.template.yml and templates/redis.template.yml - both of which are referenced by samples/standalone.yml. For eg, you can check the redis connection with: “redis-cli -h localhost -p 6379” from inside the container.

(2) This question is answered here: Create docker image for a customized discourse