How can I make discourse to SSO provider?(not consumer)

(Jong Eun Lee) #1

I’m admin of forum site which powered by discourse. I have a plan to open new site(power by keystone.js). keystone.js has own User account. But I don’t want my forum user can login with forum account without sing up to new site.

I just want to “Signin with Discourse” feature from my new site.

Is this feature already exist or not?
If not, can you give me a hint to Implement?

Log in with Discourse?
(Dean Taylor) #2

The term for the functionality you are after is SSO (Single-Sign-On).

There is a whole category dedicated to that topic:

(Jong Eun Lee) #3


I found the feature,that I want, is enable so provider.

I just try to these steps.

  1. I just set that true on settings.
  2. add “sso secret”
  3. access

But I got a blank page.

Can you give some information to work so provider?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Just to clarify he wants the opposite, for Discourse to be the source of identity for another site.

I know we have this, it was added recently, but not sure if we have a howto topic around it yet?

(Jong Eun Lee) #5

That’s right!! Opposite!

Yes, I want to know how to that!

(Dean Taylor) #6

Yeah I understood…

The most recent discussion I’ve spotted on using Discourse as an SSO provider and attempting to work out how to correctly use it is here:

(Jong Eun Lee) #7

But in that discussion, there are no information howto in detail.

I can’t make to work properly.
I got a only blank page. :frowning: