How can I move the FAQ section to another category?

(David Kwan) #1

Hey everyone!

I would like to move the FAQ topic from “Staff” to another category I created. I would like to do this because I want to make it easier for my users to find. I know that I could just create a new topic, but I want them to automatically earn the default “Read Guidelines” badge for reading it and we are not at the point where we can do custom Sequel queries to accomplish this with a post. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for in advance!

(Daniela) #2

Your FAQ topic is in the staff category to let you edit-modify the content. But the page that users access is actually a static page (eg. as you can see there’s no category or topic ID in this link).

You can change this setting from your admin panel (/admin/site_settings/category/legal). In my personal case I change the FAQ link to be able to use our FAQ category on Discourse:


In this case the FAQ page is different from the Guidelines page as you can see here:


Users earn the “read guidelines” badge when they read the guidelines page (not the FAQ category).

The only easily solution I can see is exactly what you do not want to use:

You can create a query for a custom badge (eg. Read FAQ) using the topic ID - if you create a topic in a category easy to find for your users (and/or pinning it at the top of the topic list)

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