How can I put H1 tags on a few missing pages please

I’ve read through a lot of other posts so far but none seem to really rectify the issue of pages I want to include a H1 tag.

We have a fairly big Ecommerce website and it’s just these last 4 pages out of about 20,000+ that don’t have a H1 tag and the weekly errors I keep seeing would be lovely to just, vanish… - landing/home page of the forum

and also my login and about pages which I’ll link in a reply to this as I can’t add more than 2 links yet heh

These are the last 4 pages I’m struggling to find a way of adding a H1 tag to, does anyone have any tips on how to fix these 4 pages please?

Thanks a lot,


What do you mean by login page and where would you like the h1 to be placed?

One way of doing it is like this (there’s definitely better ways)

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8.16">
    api.onPageChange((url) => {
        if (url === '/' || url === '/latest' || url === '/about' || url === '/categories') {
    function Addh1() {

Change YOU_SELECTOR to match your needs and depending on where you want the h1 element to be placed you may want to use .append() instead of .prepend()

for example if I use .list-controls and .prepend() I get

I think you just want a


 # header

I’ve seen this in the Markdown reference section and I’ve been able to use it in places where I can put it but I have no idea how you put this in the homepage section of the Forum? I don’t even see an area of where you can edit the source code of it?

Have you looked at the theme interface?

What are you trying to do?

Just get a H1 tag added to the Homepage of the forum and the other pages I’ve listed.

There is currently no H1/Title tag on here and it seems a bit weird why there’s not and can’t seem to find an easy way to do it.

By weekly errors you’re referring to SEO recommendations?

What would your H1 tag on the root page say?

Hey, yes sorry that’s what I’m referring to. It’s just one of the issues Moz recommends to fix in my weekly crawl and it would be nice to have it gone really.

We’ve managed to stick H1’s on some other pages so it could just follow the suit of Novatech Forum on the “/” page and Novatech Forum Categories on the “categories” page and so forth?

Currently, the H1 tag on these pages is used for the site title text (which is only visible when you don’t upload a logo for your site).

One way to accomplish adding H1s would be to add custom HTML above or below your forum’s header, you do that by visiting:

Admin > Customize > Themes… You then click on the currently active theme, and click Edit HTML/CSS.

By default this content would apply to all pages within your forum. You could selectively hide it on certain page types using CSS (each page type has a different CSS class on the body tag).


Please note that when targeting SEO, the normal Discourse view is irrelevant, it’s not what crawlers see. Set your user agent to the one Googlebot uses to see this crawler view :slight_smile:


I saw this comment/reply creep up on a few of the other threads similar to this which is fine, so I’ve done this on the “/” of our Forum and there’s no H1 tag on there when using the Googlebot user agent on my Chrome dev tools.

Are you then telling me there’s nothing I can do about getting a H1 tag on there and to just ignore these errors as it doesn’t matter? :slight_smile:

I had to change 2 kinds of templates. One for search engines, another for showing to ordinary users. The fact is that search engines compare these 2 options, and you can not change one in the folder: views, without adding anything to other templates.

Search engines require a page title, and I had to do this to meet the requirements of such a search engine as yandex.

I did this only with the help of a plugin, which is not entirely universal and is suitable only for one site (hard-coding data into files). (

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I don’t believe that. The crawler view and the full web application are already vastly different, why would a search engine care if you added a small difference?

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Sorry, I not absolutely correctly wrote. Because I know bad English. The fact that there is a tendency to show in Lite mode is less than in the version for the user.

If you change the version only for users, search engine will not resist.

But I followed the recommendations of the search engines, and added a H1 and the small text in the templates for the search system. Ie in my case the version for the search began to show more than the other version for users. In this case, can be sanctions.

Search engines rival always these 2 options, and continues to do so. At least Yandex.

  1. title
  2. description
  3. h1 (header)

These three important parameters should be in both versions. When you add in the version for the search engines, the same should be added in another version.

For generic SEO “let me scan this and give you generic one size fits all recommendations” tools, the general answer to that is “yes”.