How can I reward users for an epic reply in a topic?

(Jeff Chandler) #1

Is it possible to create or have a badge admins can manually award users for an epic reply to a topic?

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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Don’t have a live instance to confirm with, but according to the Badges v1 spec this feature should already be in:

(Rikki Tooley) #3

You can manually award badges currently, but…

I don’t think there is a way for manual badges to be associated with a specific post in the same way as some badges are, which is probably what you want to do.

(cpradio) #4

Keep in mind, by default there already is Nice Post, Good Post, and Great Post badges that are awarded for X likes and I believe you can alter how many likes are required.

(Jeff Chandler) #5

Yep, I’m aware of the existing badges but we don’t have a large enough community to support the default thresholds and I’d rather not lower them. That’s why I was wondering if I could create a badge and then manually award it myself if I deem a post worthy of it.

Speaking of creating badges, do I have to add the SQL for the badge during creation or is that done automatically?

(cpradio) #6

The SQL info referred earlier is if you want to create a badge where a particular situation would occur. If you simply want to manually hand out badges on occasions, you simply need to create the badge, then Grant that badge to the users who “earn” it, when they earn it.

You don’t have to do anything with SQL :smile:

(Jeff Chandler) #7

Thanks for the help, one last question I hope. How do I award a user a badge? I’m looking at the post they made and there is no option I can see to award a badge. I can’t seem to find anything in their user profile either.


Have you enabled badges under Basic Setup in your AdminCP?

(cpradio) #9

So long as they are enabled, go to their Admin Area page (you can get to this from the User’s Profile Page).

Click on Edit Badges, and Grant the badge you wish to give the user.

(Jeff Chandler) #10

Thanks! That did the trick. A bit of work to manually grant badges but thanks for the help.