How can I translate or change the default badge name/description?

Hi there!

I am new at working with Discourse and I hope someone can help me with an issue I am having. I am in the middle of changing the various settings and I have changed the interface language to Dutch. Most of the settings have been translated except for the default badges.

Is it possible to automatically translate them to Dutch? If so, how can I do this?
If this is not possible how can I change both the name and description of each badge and add my own description?

I found a previous topic [Issue with badge translation] (Issue with badge translate) that looks similar to my question, but after checking with our IT guy he suggested the Dutch translation for the badges is not available.

If anyone has a suggestion on this let me know!

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An example, please go to this url:


@SidV, thanks for your answer. I found the customize text section. This will allow me to create my own text, but I would like to use both the English texts and translate it into Dutch. We will start with a Dutch community but also want to have the possibility to expand to different languages, eg. English and German.

I’d rather change the language file and upload this to our system. We found a translation file (.yml). However we haven’t found a way to upload it to our own environment. Is this possible?

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That depends on the hosting you are using.
Contact the hosting and ask them how do you should upload that files?
Anyway, I don’t suggest upload that files, because in the next remote upgrade (if you use it), that file will be overwritten.

What kind of translation are you doing, I don’t understand.

Why do not use ?

@Ingridhave you solved this? I have the same issue: our forum is in Dutch but all badge names are still in English…

Hi Guido, Yes and No. I originally thought about getting the translation file > make the necessary translations > upload the new translation file. So all badges would have an English and Dutch description and it wouldn’t matter which language a user would be using. But I wasn’t able to figure out how to work this. So I ended up translating the default badge texts in the settings.

Hope this helps!

Are you just starting a new community too, or just starting using the badges?

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Haha, yeah that’s the workaround I found this afternoon too :smiley:

I already run a community since 2008, but we never had a forum (everyone is quite active on Slack now). But we want to give a forum a try since it retains all messages (slack doesn’t) and gets indexed by Google (Slack doesn’t) which would be very beneficial to get more people to find us.

Again., if you need that translations, join transifex and send these new translations.
It’s easy to use. Can you try?

that link gives a 403 though, do I need to sign up first?

Yes, you need an account.

…and you have to ask the Discourse team to be added as a translator for your language (ping to @zogstrip).