How can users see new signups?

(Bart) #1

Some people in my community would like to personally welcome new members. I’m aware there’s an admin screen with this information, but is there also a way for regular users to see new signups?


Mmm :thinking:

Maybe, If the users check the “user’s list” with zero visits?

They are new here, aren’t they?

(Bart) #3

Not in my case; we’ve imported from another platform, so the majority of users still have 0 visits.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Ironically this came up on another Discourse I participate on regularly.

There is no way for normal users to see a list of new users at the moment, but for staff it is at /admin/users/list/new of course.

What I favor, is a special “welcome to our community” PM that is sent when new users make the (easy) transition between TL0 and TL1 cc @erlend_sh and @hawk … that is the best time to welcome a new user when they have minimally engaged with the site. I’m adding this to the 2.1 release list.