How can we delete or hide "site feedback" forum?

(Will) #1

We use our forums for community questions and handle site support via email and separate site. When we try to make site feedback hidden, we get an error about permissions. When we try to delete it, we get an error that we cant because there are 6 posts in it. Do we need to delete all the posts in order to delete the site feedback?


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

You should be able to remove the everyone : create/reply/see permission from the category - simply change it to something like staff : create/reply/see. If you want to delete it, yes, you will need to delete all topics (or move them to another category) first.

(Will) #3

We tried to change the permissions and receive this error: “Warning: This category is a pre-seeded category and the security settings cannot be edited. If you do not wish to use this category, delete it instead of repurposing it.”

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Ah, I forgot about that feature! Then it looks like you’ll need to delete it.