How can we replace the built-in search with Google Custom Search?


(Kevin Charleroi) #1

I’am looking to make Google Custom Search the default search as I want it to cover all my website ?

FYI I am running Discourse with Wordpress.

Is there any way to achieve that ?

(Stephen) #2

The simplest would probably just be to add a custom header with a new search form, and use CSS to hide the Discourse search.

You’re going to lose the ability to search within a particular thread, category, and any protected regions of your install though. Is it worth the tradeoff?

(Kevin Charleroi) #3

Well instead of having two seperate searches for the same website, at least the users will not get confused.

(Stephen) #4

Sure, I understand that, but it will also mean that certain things, such as staff areas, the lounge, or anything restricted to particular groups won’t be visible to search.

(Sam Saffron) #5

… Also Messages :e-mail:

(Kevin Charleroi) #6

Discourse search is great there is no question about that, the point is that having two searches in the same website isn’t fancy. It would be great if it could be integrated to another search.

Maybe keeping the discourse search and adding the wordpress search via API to results isn’t a bad idea