How can you batch upload newly created topics easily?

Not migrated ones. I have a local file (spreadsheet) 300+ topics that we plan to create in one category. What’s the simlplest way to do this? Thanks!

The simplest way is not to do it. That is far from an ideal format for importing into Discourse. There are a raft of technical complications (like formatting markdown) to consider.

Someone like @pfaffman could potentially write you a script to do this but I don’t think it would be worth the cost.

Your best option here is to create these in Discourse manually.


If the posts are worth $2-3 each then it might be worth having someone script it, somehow.

But, you know spreadsheets are one row per record, so just how are newlines represented in the spreadsheet?

And do the usernames in the spreadsheet match existing users?

And that’s just a couple potential problems.

If the job is worth between $500 and $1000 you can send me the spreadsheet (or 10 or so rows of it) and I’ll take a look. My contact info is in my profile.


Thanks, we’ll assess. Trying to finish work quickly so figuring out existing tools that are readily available.