How create 5 leval sub-categories?

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Hi Discourse, how can i create 5 leval sub-categories?

The first, Parens categories ------->Sub-categories-----------> Sub 2-categories----> Sub 3-categories----->Sub 4-categories?

The second, menu multi select categories export topic display.
i dont use tag, Because itsn’t available for my site.
Thank you!

I wanna order feature multi categories for my site :slight_smile:, Setup a plugin or Development Categories. Inbox to me your Price to solve this issue.
Thank you!


Hi there,
Sub-categories only go one level deep I’m afraid.

Tagging is part of core so should be available. You will need to activate this setting though:

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Help me @HAWK
i need 5 leval in order to classify my data
Only 5 leval categories can be setup my forum :frowning:


I’d help you if I could but categories only go one level deep. :frowning:

Why are you choosing not to use tags?

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You can not have more than two levels and tags.

Theoretically you could modify the code. But two level hierarchy has been part of Discourse for even longer than when tagging got moved from a plugin into Core. IMHO it is likely you would have an easier go writing your own forum code from scratch than you would getting Discourse to have more than two levels of categories.

You should determine if tagging is truly not suitable or if you could put together a working hierarchy.

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the first, text format tags only available english not vietnamese
My language is vietnamese

Mua Bán --------> Mặt tiền------> Hồ Chí Minh ---->Quận 1 --------> Trần Hưng Đạo

(categories) Mua Bán -------->(categories) Quận 1 --------> (Tags) Hồ Chí Minh

The second, we can’t setup describe for tag

Final, the downside’s tagging is tag peer vs parent categories, peer with sub-categories. we can tag every where. My mind is each group tag suitable only 1 categories

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Tagging can suitabe if tag select the first time, later select categories.
Tagging is parent classify (root calassify), categories is second select

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Perhaps it only awaits a transifex translation and you could help for the benefit of all?

Yes, I’ve long thought a short tooltip would be nice. That or a place for a description somewhere. Maybe a tag_custom_fields ?

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Important is the third issue:

tag 1, tag 2, tag 3, … can tag both of categories 1, categories 2, categories 3,…
My mind that i wanna tag 1 only categories 1, tag 2 only categories 2, tag 3 only categories 3,…
Can we setup tag select first time?

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You can limit which tags can be used in a given category: Category settings => tags.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible (as far as I can tell) to limit tag1, tag2, and tag3 to be used only in category X, but you can achieve the same (with some extra work) by setting which tags can be used in each category.

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Thank @tophee, But now you can build for me a Discourse website same my mind? You can inbox me your price to develop this Menu categories :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I don’t offer these kinds of services professionally. Maybe @pfaffman?

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Example for multi select categories

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If tags indeed don’t work in Vietnamese, and you need 5 levels of categories, I think that Discourse might not be a good solution for you.

I don’t think you’ll find anyone to do that.

If what you want is really 5 levels of categories, I think you’ll need $50,000-$100,000 to start and $10,000-$20,000/month to maintain it.

Another solution, that has been proposed a few times, which is also very clumsy, is a suite of Discourse communities, one for each top-level category with all of them sharing on Master Discourse via SSO.

Longer category names
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$50,000 too high out of allowed fees. I have only $5000 to finish my site. Multi levels of categories only 1 feature in my site :frowning_face: . I like Discourse solution because it is loading fast, simple and beauty. If we can’t be build 5 levels of categories…Can you build a plugin multi select tags and describe for multy tags.

Select: Cat 1------->Cat 2.2------> Tag 1 +…+ Tags 4 + Tag 8

Site will show describe is:
“text” + [Cat 2.2] + “text” + [tag1] + [tag …] +[tag4] + [tag 8]

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