How do add Category Sidebar?

(Hakan) #1

How can I add a separate sidebar for each category? Like Reddit, I want to add right-hand side comments or ads. I want to do this separately for each category.

How can I do it ?

(Biscuit) #2

Click the search icon (top right) and search for ‘Sidebar’

There’s a bunch of relevant topics (30+ before I stopped counting), including themes, plugins & other people asking sidebar questions. This one seems directly relevant: -

(Hakan) #3

you did not understand me.

I would like to add widget to each categorize separately

(Biscuit) #4

That is discussed in the 4th search result.

(Hakan) #5

my friend i do not want to turn it off.

You do not understand what I want.

i want:

  • Support category sidebar: Facebook Page widget vs…
  • Example category sidebar: Twitter page widget vs…
  • Game category sidebar: Steam page widget…

I can add different widgets to every sidebar I want

(Hakan) #6

Not solved my problem

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #7

It appears you’re asking for a new feature that does not yet exist, so I moved it to #feature. See this:

(Joe Buhlig) #8

Sounds like a custom plugin would be your best bet. This doesn’t sound like something that would make it into core.