How do I add an admin or moderator?

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So I am trying to figure out the difference between a few things.

We have a closed staff category - how do I manage who can see it?

We also have a SketchUp Team member badge , and a SketchUp Team Member group - what are those differences? How can I apply and edit the users in there to be admins/moderators? Not sure what the best approach is for managing.

Not all moderators will be a staff member. FYI



If you edit the category there is a Security tab. ‘Staff’ = moderators and admins.

If you go into the individual Users’ admin settings you can Grant or Revoke both Moderator and Admin rights.

I think that technically, they will. This comes down to semantics. You may not consider them staff members, but Discourse will call them staff and they will be part of the ‘Staff’ group when it comes to security.

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I appreciate this but it still doesn’t quite answer my question…

My staff is a closed group for my staff and I also have active forum users, who are not staff and who I don’t want to see our staff closed category.

To under editing the category staff and I choose “staff” I am wondering how I put people in there. Not all admins are staff, and not all staff are admins either.


Put all of your staff into a group (don’t call it Staff though, that will be confusing). Then edit the security on the category to add that group and remove everyone else.

[quote=“AlexAB, post:3, topic:29616”]
To under editing the category staff and I choose “staff” I am wondering how I put people in there. Not all admins are staff, and not all staff are admins either.
[/quote] That’s my point. All admins and moderators ARE ‘staff’ and they automatically become a part of that group when you give them mod or admin rights.

Adding the Staff group to security settings on categories will give all Moderators and Admins permission to view that group. You’ll need to add a new group.

Bear in mind that all Admins will be able to see it anyway.

Does that answer make sense?

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More correctly (I think)

Not all forum Staff are Moderators
Not all Moderators are Admins
All Admins are Moderators
All Moderators are forum Staff

If you are wanting to give moderation abilities to non-Staff members AFAIK the closest thing ATM would be to give them TL3 status.

And as HAWK said, you can create a new Group for select members (and forum Staff / Moderators if desired, and Admins of course, they can see everything)

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I’ve raised this staff naming confusion issue before but there’s no interest here to change it, and I’ve learned to live with it.

So on my site I created a group for staff called eg ORG_staff and put everyone in that. Then I created an ORG badge and set it up so everyone in the ORG_staff group gets the ORG badge. And created an ORG INTERNAL category (which now has many subcategories) and set up security so only ORG_staff can read/write/post.

And I stay as far away as possible from the staff group which automatically includes people you’ve given admin and moderator priveleges.

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There is a subtle distinction between moderators and admins. When a user is moderator that info is promoted, admins that are not mods are not promoted (next to title)