How do I change my username

(Adam Adam) #1

How do I change my username & what affects will this have on the forum.
I am still making it and have only created categories, sub categories, edited descriptions, and about forum topics.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

If site settings allow it, you can change it at As long as you’ve not been @mentioned in posts, there are no complications.

(Christoph) #3

And, I believe, clicks on links with u=oldusername won’t be counted for your new username.

(Adam Adam) #4

what do you mean by that?

(Michael Howell) #5

There’s a button next to every post to get a sharable link. These links end in something like ?u=notriddle, which causes Discourse to count the links as “shared by me” and potentially grant some built-in badges.


It won’t affect anything at that point. You haven’t been quoted or participated in any discussions.

(Mehmet Dogan) #7

I also would like to change mine, however, there is no option to do so at the linked location. I would appreciate if anyone with higher access help me. I would like mehmet or doganmeh. Thanks,


Done. :slight_smile: