How do I change the default greyed words to another sentence?

(Ronald) #1

When you create a topic, there is “What is this discussion about in one brief sentence?”.

How do I change this from the admin panel, is this possible? Thanks!

(mountain) #2

Head over to the admin panel. Click “customize”. Click “text content”. Type “one brief” into the search field and the result is what you wish to edit.

I hope this aids you.

(Ronald) #3

This works. Two more areas.

  1. How about the grey words in the content area?
  2. Instead of “New Topic”, how do I change that?


(mountain) #4

Same place, Ronald. Type “new topic” in the search instead. Use that search bar to find all the editable text in Discourse.

Be Well.

(EW 👌) #5

Really nice flexibility of Discourse. But it would be nice if its showing the recent text value we are going to modify. Just in case we are choosing the wrong place and to imagine the original text length to stay within!