How do I change the html and css code of the loader?

Hi. I would like to replace the default page loader with this:

How do I do that?

You can enter your custom code by finding the active theme at /admin/customize/themes/ and clicking the Edit CSS/HTML button.


Thanks fo your reply.
I see how to edit the CSS, but how to replace <div class="spinner"></div> by the html code of my custom loader?


Please read this message from guru @Johani and this message from @ZackFea :+1:


Thanks for your reply, but I don’t see how these messages explain how to edit the HTML code of the loader, the only thing they’ve done is changing the CSS.

For now I’ve made a gif (almost 100KB) from my CSS si I didn’t have to change the HTML (you can see it in action here That will do the trick until I figure out how to change the HTML code.

Did you try go to /admin/customize/themes/, click Edit CSS/Html, and add your custom css class for “spinner” ?

Uh… Maybe I’m not getting something, but my issue is not how to add the CSS (which I’ve done for my custom forum header), but how to replace specifically the HTML code from the loader. :thinking: