How do I change the interface layout without using "display:none;"

(Kuma Olli) #1


Today I installed Discourse on my localhost for the first time.
I plan to develop a social network app project with Discourse.

The first thing I want to do is to reduce the whole interface to a minimalistic layout.
For example, the post-view page has so many “unnecessary” text and buttons.
I would like to remove (or hide) some of them in the source but I dont want to use the CSS property
"display:none;" for each button or text.

I’d be really glad if someone can explain it to me.

(Mittineague) #2

It will depend on how you want to style pages.

But you will likely end up with a lot of display: none
Not always on individual child elements but often the outermost parent you can find
And not always display: none I’m sure.

Are you familiar with your browser’s dev tools?


Your other option, although not exactly relevant for the post-view page, is to modify handlebar templates. I would recommend checking out Sam’s “minimal” topic list design for how to do that.

(Kuma Olli) #4

im using firebug. my problem is just, that I dont want to use “display: none” or so to remove a button for example. i would like to remove it completely from the source. therefore I need a specific file.
which file(s) or folder would it be?

(Kuma Olli) #5

thanks for the link

i believe all relevant files are in “…/app/views/” i need to check it out though

(Mittineague) #6

If you’re good with Ruby and Ember looking at those will help.

If you would rather work with hbs template files they are in


(Kane York) #7

Why would you want to do that? Note that even removing the button from the rendered markup won’t prevent people from attempting the action anyways using crafted requests.