How do I clear Warnings?

I don’t think moderators should be able to access members’ messages, except for official warning messages. We use the User Note plugin which provides a link to warning messages.

Different forums may treat violations differently, but personally I prefer corrective measures to be incremental so knowing how many times a violation has occurred is important. eg. (over simplified, but in general, similar to this)

  • first minor violation - member gets a “friendly” message.
  • first repeat of minor violation - member gets warning message if repeated within a relatively short amount of time after the first, else another friendly message
  • second repeat of minor violation - temporary suspension
  • third repeat of minor violation - long term suspension

tl;dr Knowing what the violation was, when it was, and how many chances a member has had to correct their behavior is important.


The Staff Notes plugin is a great tool here. I’ve seen a number of sites using it for just this purpose (making all staff aware of warnings). While seeing the actual warning may be convenient, the true need here is knowing what the warning is for, not reading the full content. A staff note saying something like “issued first warning for excessive swearing” should suffice for most cases.