How do I configure "Show Full Post"


I’d like to do the same thing they’ve implemented on the Boing Boing forum for blog posts ie

Show the url with a corresponding “Show Full Post” link as in the screenshot

Is this a custom implementation or is it standard Discourse?

Many thanks.

(Robin Ward) #2

That’s just our wordpress plugin! You can easily customize it to do that.


Thank you. I have the Wordpress plugin, but I see no setting for the “Show Full Post” button.

Do I have to set this up in “Publish Format” ? If so ,what is the specific markdown I must use? This is my current (default) format

I’ve also read this post Show full content and image with Wordpress plugin and implemented the changes recommended, but still no “Show Full Post” button. Some of my posts are 3000 words long, which is a long scroll for people to get to the discussion!


OK working now.

It seems the embed settings ( Show full content and image with Wordpress plugin ) did the trick.

Plus you have to de-select “Use the full post for content rather than an excerpt.”

The plugin does not do this out of the box.