How do I connect dashboard with Discourse?

So, hello there. THanks for checking this out, if you are looking for answer or wanting to help me out.

I found one community that uses their dashboard for one program, and they use Discourse for their forum as their dashboard they made somehow connection to like load and give automatic group to user like if they own it. But, how?

as you can notice, I do not understand how, is there any suggestions or tips how could I connect those two things as I’m planning to make program with whitelist and forum for my YouTube channel so when user links it, I want them to have some category that is only for buyers and this would help me, other than I have to give group to every person who buys it. AND

how does someone make announcements like this

I would like to know, really… If it’s possible.

For your first question, Discourse supports SSO both as a provider and a client to allow both logging in to your forum through an external service/account (Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)), or logging into other services using a forum account (Using Discourse as a SSO provider).

As for your other question, when you pin a topic there is a banner option, which will cause it to appear there.