How do I create static pages on my site

(Hakan) #1

How did you do that? I would like to make a nice FAQ page for static page content.

A graceful theme for Discourse
(Sam Saffron) #2

What “that” are you talking about here… your response is very confusing to me :neutral_face:

(Hakan) #3

I wonder how such a page is, I want to make a page like this on my own site.

Example: Discourse Theme Creator

(Sam Saffron) #4

styleguide is a plugin, see: The Official Discourse Styleguide Plugin

(Hakan) #5

can I change the URL of this page? exmaple /help , /howto
Can I add different pages ? Example Rules, FAQ, Contact vs…

(Kris) #6

The Styleguide plugin specifically generates a single type of page (a styleguide), it isn’t for creating other pages.

Maybe this static page plugin can help you? ProCourse Static Pages

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

Another option might be the “static landing pages” mentioned here: Some things I’ve built which you can use

(Hakan) #8

these plugins are problematic

(Kris) #9

Could you be a little more descriptive with your responses? “these plugins are problematic” doesn’t have enough details, so no one knows how to help.

What makes the plugins problematic for you?

(Hakan) #10

Landing page but problem.

Ekran Alıntısı.PNG1070x557 6.81 KB

I think the plugin is broken.

(Kris) #11

Some things I've built which you can use has a warning that says these plugins might not be ready for use.

I tried ProCourse Static Pages and it works for me (make sure you click “enable” once you create the page, else it will 404)

Let’s take the plugin issues to their topics, and continue any other general static page discussion here:

(Kris) #12