How do I delete a topic?


How do I delete a topic as a regular user?

(Paula Kreuzer) #2

As a regular user you can only delete individual posts that you created, but not whole topics.
To delete your post click on the 3 dots besides the reply button on the bottom of your post and then click on the trashcan symbol.

PS: To have your topic deleted you can flag it as “something else” and ask the moderators to delete it.


There are no three dots but there is a pencil symbol which i believe to mean edit. When i click on it there is no trashcan.



(Paula Kreuzer) #6

Hm maybe you have to level up to a basic user first to see it.

(cpradio) #7

You can’t delete a topic, only your own posts/replies. Topics have to be flagged and use the “Something Else” and then mention you want the topic deleted.



I think this answers it.