How do I display topic count and category description for the "all categories" dropdown list

Hi guys!

Just set up my Discourse forum and saw that some other forums could display the topic count and category description under the “all categories” dropdown selection list. Example from


How do I display that? Does it involve custom HTML/CSS? Currently my “all categories” selection list just shows the colored bullet and category title - see

I tried searching on Discourse Meta but nothing turned up, so really need your help here. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I think you are in stable branch. It is available in beta version.


What do you mean by stable branch?

Sorry I don’t know coding, so you might have to be a little patient with me. :sweat:

It looks like your website hosted in Discourse 1.9.5 version by It is stable release but not the latest beta version. You may have to contact your hosting provider for more details.

Oh i see. You mean to say that the feature that I’m asking about is only available in the latest beta version?

Yes it is available in latest beta only (> 2.0.0 beta5).


Ah ok I see! I’m ahead of myself then. Thanks for clarifying!! :blush::+1:

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