How do I find my trust level?

(Logan Devine) #1

The title says it
How do I find my trust level???

(Eli the Bearded) #2

In General:

Check to see what trust level badges you have.

There’s a category for them on the badges page:

Here they are called Leader, Regular, Member, Basic. I believe they can be renamed, though.

Every time you go up a trust level, you keep the badges for the lower ones, so you might want to start the look from the highest level and go down.

In specific: You have the Basic badge only, so a Basic is You.

(Logan Devine) #3

Thank you @elijah also anyone know what I gotta do to get to trust level 2

(Eli the Bearded) #4

It can be tweaked in the site settings, but the general answer (and the explanation of what they are) is here:

(Matt) #5

Actually, the best way is to click your profile icon in the upper right of the page. Then click your username. Now look for a button entitled “expand”. This expands your profile properties. One of the properties show is your Trust Level.