How do I fix these bugs and errors?

I don’t know what else to do, I’ve tried everything

If your database is in recovery mode you need to either wait for it to recovery or nuke the existing install and restore from a backup.


I have already restored from several backups, but I always get these errors

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I’d pay close attention to the PostgreSQL logs and try to restore the dump to a standalone PostgreSQL instance in order to check what exactly is broken in the process.

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How do I do it? My knowledge is a little Discourse beginner

Do you wait a long time to see if they’ll resolve?

I can’t understand what you said, the translator translated it to something I didn’t understand, how do I solve the problem? Is there any tutorial? This error is being so disastrous, all my members are complaining, I don’t know what else to do, because the error causes crashes, bugs and even takes the site down for a few minutes

I had a machine that had issues like that when I moved it to a smaller VM.

How much RAM do you have? What does your CPU load look like?

That sentence isn’t fully correct in English also. I think he meant “Has that error been coming for a long time? Or has it just been a few minutes since it started?”