How do I fix this formatting?

(Josh Wentailor ) #1

On my other Forums it fine but only on this one it’s just horrible.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Revert whatever CSS customizations you made which caused that?

(Josh Wentailor ) #3

I actually didn’t even touch anything. I went on last night and it was horrible. I attempted a restart and I checked everything but it seems to be refusing to change the error.

(Josh Wentailor ) #4

And where can I revert the CSS customizations.


It looks like you are using the desktop version. Try the following URL to force it to use the mobile version:

(Josh Wentailor ) #6

I actually am using the mobile version of it.


Your screenshot is not using the mobile version of the site from what I can tell.

This is how the desktop version looks on mobile (very similar to your screenshot):

And this is what the mobile version looks like on mobile:


(Stephen) #8

Are you using any kind of caching or CDN?

(Josh Wentailor ) #9

No not at the moment. I actually only joined that community a week ago.

(Stephen) #10

I would recommend reaching out to them then. Usually people would ask here because it’s their instance, that’s what this category is typically for. We can’t really help the users of other sites directly.

By the looks it’s a relatively new community, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still tweaking their styling.

(Josh Wentailor ) #12

Yeah, it’s a new community only made 5 weeks ago.

(Josh Wentailor ) #13

I thank you for that though.