How do I get this design?


Hi guys,

I just stumbeled across this Discourse community and their design looks a little different than what we get out of the box. And I really like it:

How can I get something similar? e.g. each post and reply being in it’s own “box” so to speak…?


(Robert McIntosh) #2

For a start you can play with standard themes by changing your (user default) site setting for this community.

Click on the hamburger menu and look at the bottom. Select ‘Material Design Theme’ (for the boxes).

Some more information here:

(seems Onebox / Markup is not behaving, so copy the link above for now)

CommonMark testing started here!

Thanks, but how do I get the Material Design theme on my own forum? It doesn’t appear to be part of the installation.


(Robert McIntosh) #4

I’ve not done it myself, but you can read this:

(Daniela) #5

It’s material design theme, you can see it in action even in this forum (look in your preference/interface)

To add this theme from github to your site follow this guide


Got it. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Is there a theme repository somewhere?

(David Taylor) #7

There’s a directory of themes here: