How do I hide the user card?

(Tomo Vukasović) #1

I am also getting double profile background with error:


How to add a new language
(Tomo Vukasović) #2

There is no option to remove user card? It is confusing already confused regular users.

I will try to look through other languages and possible find a fix. For a CSS/Photoshop guy this has been a quest, but translations are going nicely now. Thanks!

(Tomo Vukasović) #3

Would this hide first profile bg also? Can please let me know where to add this JS. Thanks.

(Marcin Rataj) #4

No, it is numbered from 0, so it hides only second one (User Card).

Very quick and ugly hack in JS
To install it via Admin: open /admin/customize/css_html of your instance, then add new customization and paste code below in Header, then Save.

if (window.location.href.indexOf('/preferences') !== -1) {
    $(document).ready(function() { 
      $(window).load(function() { 

(Tomo Vukasović) #5

I save it and enable it, second profile bg is still there. Thanks.

(Bahadır Yağan) #6

@Webinsane you should try and understand what all these modifications do, and adapt them to your needs. Otherwise you are going to have lots of problems for every customization you need.

(Tomo Vukasović) #7

I do understand last modification and I can easily disable it if things go sour. The plural part is bit confusing, but I will get it working eventually. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.

(Tomo Vukasović) #8

This actually did not work for me. Can anyone confirm it is working. It could be something with cache.