How do I set up Ghost to use Discourse for comments?

(Juan Manuel Formoso) #1

I have a discourse forum, and a ghost install. I’d like to have comments powered by Discourse like @codinghorror and @sam have.

Is there a guide somewhere on how to set it up?

(Benjamin Kampmann) #2

Yes. Please refer to Is it possible to use Discourse as a "commenting system"? and Using Discourse as a Comment Engine for a Blog

and the great blog-post on how to integrate Discourse for comments for static webpages by @eviltrout: Embedding Discourse in Static Sites - Evil Trout's Blog

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(Juan Manuel Formoso) #3

Thanks! I don’t see exactly how to enable them on the Ghost side, but perhaps that’s a question for their forum.

(J. Bruni) #4

One month later… I ask if anyone came up with a guide, tutorial, blog post or anything else with specifics about setting up Discourse as Ghost blog commenting engine. This would be really great. @zchrykng, maybe?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I did it using this tutorial, not sure if @eviltrout has anything else to add, but when we added Discourse comments to my Ghost blog about a month ago, that’s what we followed:

(J. Bruni) #6

Thanks for explicitly stating this. The information there shall be enough, I believe.

The “Embedding Discourse in Static Sites” title has fooled me, as I didn’t give the deserved attention to the article, by wrongly (?) assuming a “Ghost blog” as not being a “static site”.

(Wassim Seifeddine) #7

I guess this is broken on ghost 1.0 rc1?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #8

What makes you say that? Is something not working? Better to share the error/issue you are encountering than “guessing” that it’s broken.

(Paul Solt) #9

@codinghorror Ghost has a help article that is easier to follow than @eviltrout long post.

Just make sure you also setup the “Author” I had issues where nothing would “load” because I didn’t finish filling out all the settings on Discourse for embedding.