How do I stop human spammers?

I am unfortunately tired of deleting Spammers on my discourse forum. Above 200 user logins have been registered within the past few hours and have been posting spam on the forum. I have now allowed only Trust Level 1 users to create topics.

From what I observed it looks like a Spam bot or some sort of software that creates user profiles and penetrates through Discourse Security. I am really worried about fighting so much spam on my forum. I have never experienced this before. It is happening since 3 days.

The “Needs approval” system is ignoring most of the spam and is really not helpful in this case.

Would really need some serious help on this.

I highly recommend that you install and enable the akismet plugin.


Yeah, akismet then, not much choice.

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Akismet is what you need, so install the plugin ASAP.

Did you change any Discourse security setting defaults? We’ve seen sites get in massive trouble when they do highly inadvisable things like setting new user default trust level to 1, etcetera.

p.s. These are 100% humans spamming you, not bots. Trust me, we know.

First, definitely install the Akismet plugin. You are getting human spammers for sure. Look in /admin/logs/screened_ip_addresses and you’ll see all the auto-banned IPs are from a huge variety of IP addresses, too.

I took a look at your overridden settings and most of them look fine, I only saw one that was problematic:

  • rate limit new user create post = 5 seconds

That’s … way low, you want to make new users wait a LOT longer than 5 seconds before posting again! I reset that to the default of 30 seconds. But I didn’t see any issues with your settings with regards to spammers, other than that minor one.

And to reiterate: you want Akismet real, real bad for what you’re seeing. It’s the only effective way to stop human spammers.


Thank you Jeff! For the urgent help and support. You guys are great when it comes to customer service. :thumbsup:

I will only wish that Plugin installation is made easy in Discourse just like it is for Wordpress CMS where even a non-techy can easily install plugins. I will try if I can install this plugin myself. I hope I get rid of this problem the sooner possible. This tutorial is surely not for beginners or non-techy.

Thank you a lot. let me get back to you guys


Curious, we made tons of little tweaks here, what is the current state of human spam on your forum @Mohammad , I can see you are upgraded to a recent version and can not see any spam on your forum.


Human spam is well moderated now. No complains now.

However I am not able to upgrade the forum version even by running this code on SSH

   cd /var/discourse
    git pull
    ./launcher rebuild app

I am using version v2.1.0.beta2 +21

Any help would be appreciated @sam .

What is preventing you from doing so? Posting your logs or any errors would be helpful for anyone trying to help out here.