How do I stop new users from posting links?

(John Wright) #1

Have a few discourse forums and one is getting new user spam every 5 minutes. I can’t seem to find where to disable links for new users. Any help appreciated.

(Glenn Sims) #2

A small suggestion: do you think posting should be turned off completely for new users…maybe until level 1?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Can you share screenshots of the incident? Also be on latest, and hook up the Akismet plugin.

(Mittineague) #4

Definitely get Akismet going.

There are quite a few settings that you could tweak depending on what exactly is happening. But these could be a start.

Admin -> Settings
-> Posting

newuser max links [default: 2]
How many links a new user can add to a post.

censored words [default: null]
Words that will be automatically replaced with ■■■■

approve post count [default: 0]
The amount of posts from a new or basic user that must be approved

approve unless trust level [default: 0]
Posts for users below this trust level must be approved

approve new topics unless trust level [default: 0]
New topics for users below this trust level must be approved

-> Spam

newuser spam host threshold [default: 2]
How many times a new user can post a link to the same host within their newuser_spam_host_threshold posts before being considered spam.

auto block first post regex [default: null]
Case insensitive regex that if passed will cause first post by user to be blocked and sent to approval queue. Example: raging|a[bc]a , will cause all posts containing raging or aba or aca to be blocked on first. Only applies to first post.

NOTE in general terms the more difficult you make things for Spammers, the more trouble you create for legit members and the more work for Staff.
So think about it and try to find a workable balance.

(John Wright) #5


Don’t want to stop new users from posting completely, that will slow growth. Want to stop new users from being able to post links and would be just as useful to limit profile links after a certain number of posts.

So far I’ve changed newuser max links to 0 and moderating first posts. Not sure if that stopped new users from posting links but the moderating first posts has the new post in a queue which I can at least delete.

Will look at akismet, assuming it’s a plugin to install.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I would like a bit more detail on what you are seeing.

(John Wright) #7

Well the spam has slowed down after moderating the first post but it hasn’t fully stopped it yet. At least I don’t have to ban and delete stuff this way but still would like to be able to control when a user can post, like possibly reaching a post count total or some other means. They are still able to post links in their first post which I have to approve of. I’d like to reject that at the start.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Have you changed any Discourse default site settings? There are a number that, if changed incorrectly, will leave you extremely vulnerable to spam. The defaults are always safe.

(John Wright) #9

I think the settings were default when the spam started to come in, I changed some of the settings to try to restrict links for new posts but that didn’t seem to change anything. This is why I then made first post to be moderated as the spam was starting to flood the forum every 15 minutes.

(Sora &\) #10

you search ‘’‘approve post count’’

increa 0 to any number you wanna