How do you allow for unknown/non-users to post via email?

(Austin Hamilton) #1

Hi all. As the title says, I’m trying to allow for unknown users to send an email in to the configured Discourse email and have it post to the forum. I’m trying to sset up a substitute for our mailing list so that users can reply and keep the forums going but without necessarily requiring everybody to register immediately. There are hundreds of people who use our mailing list, so it will be impossible to get them all to move over at once. My discourse email is set to receive automatic emails from the mailing list, which should (ideally) then be posted onto our forum.

I’ve consulted this post on replacing mailing lists, but specifically regarding the presence of a “global” category to allow unknown email in, I can’t find it. I am able to set individual categories to supposedly allow email ins, but you can’t set the category for users to auto post emails into, as per the bug here: Email-in category resets. So at the moment, when an unknown users emails in, I still get some combination of a “email_reject_no_account,” or a bad reply key, or a posting error. I have the category it is supposed to post to set to use the same incoming email address as what users post to (as currently it may be the only category we need).

With those settings though, I still have unknown user emails being rejected, instead of being posted by the system account. My settings:

Allow email in: True
Email in Address:

Settings for my category:
Accept emails from non-users: true
Custom incoming email address:

Yet when I get an email, it still gets rejected with a “reject_no_account”. Am I missing anything? Or did this break at some point? And how exactly does the custom email address work? I am not super familiar with POP3 polling, but how is it able to tell if an email is received from one of the custom emails? Or rather, how does it detect/pull email from custom email addresses with different credentials than the POP3 account?


(James Milligan) #2

What is “email in min trust” set to? If a user doesn’t have an account, they won’t have any trust.

Possibly also look at “min trust to create topic”, although I believe the system user creates the topics when no account exists, so that may be irrelevant?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Can you verify this on your Digital Ocean droplet next week @riking? May need a fix, because that category setting “allow emails from non-users” should allow anon email topic creation.

(Austin Hamilton) #4

@lake54 it’s set to zero. I thought that might’ve fixed it but (unfortunately) nope.

@codinghorror thanks very much!

(Austin Hamilton) #5

Small update on this:

I discovered I’m able to allow users to post into a category without registering after disabling the global email in. I removed it from the settings in the email list, and now emailing the proper email address seems to get things working. However, there still seems to be no option for allowing it from a global perspective or with the global email allowed?

Thanks again!

(Kane York) #6

This is now fixed - there isn’t a global email-in address anymore, every address is in the category settings.

(Michael Downey) #7

FYI, if I try to add an email address on a category that’s already used, I only get the ambiguous error message “Sorry, an error has occurred”. It might be nice if the message told me why I couldn’t save the settings, especially since there’s no one place I can go to see all the email addresses in use across the site.

(Kane York) #8

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