How do you change permalink of a page

How may i learn to do this?

Step number 1: learn how to express your question in a clear and comprehensible way.

He wants to change /badges to /something-else

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Cameron got it…just changing permalink of badges page to something else. Simple. Comprehend that, bud?

I think that the definition of permalink is likely the confusion.

Well do you want to change the url of the badges page, or do you want a permalink that redirects sums other url to the bags page? If it’s the latter, see admin /customize /permalinks.

If it’s the former, can you say what problem you’re solving?


Oh okay, I want to change the url of the badges page to /trophies.

It’ll take a plugin. Post in #marketplace if you have a budget, or see the #howto topics. I’m not sure how easy it is to override the routes, though.

You’re likely causing more problems then you’re solving.

I fear so. Messing with routing is messy business.

On the other hand the text “badge” could be easily changed to “trophies”, “awards” or whatever. Even though eagle-eyed member’s might notice the discrepancy between the URL and the title I don’t think it would be that big of a problem.

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