How do you edit the nav-pills seperately?

(Ova Light) #1

For example I want to remove those buttons from the screen 2014-07-04_2229

nth-child doesnt seem to work.

if I mess with #ember**** the buttons are just gonna show up again in another page with another ember ID.

What do I do? Can I use css for this and if no then what ?

thanks for reading

(Jeff Atwood) #2

What buttons are you referring to? Screenshot?

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(Jeff Atwood) #4

Simply edit the top_menu setting in site settings. Done.

(Ova Light) #5

:facepalm: didn’t see that coming. haha :smiley: I went to settings and I have done that. Only problem now is that the link from the first button becomes the homepage. Is there anyway to keep the “latest” as my homepage while have the button “latest” hidden? @codinghorror

(Jeff Atwood) #6

No that is not possible.

(Tuan Anh Tran) #7

How would i add a custom URL there?

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Wouldn’t there be a way to touch the nth-child ? @codinghorror

EDIT: You can close the topic as I have figured it out how to hack it

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