How do you look at a category and not the sub categories?


Hello. I am a user over at the new Codex forums, and they are using this system. We’ve run into a question, and I was referred here.

How can a board be configured so that when you go to a category with sub-categories (in this case, a main category for the game “Codex”, with a sub category for “play by forum games”), and see only the threads for the category, and not sub categories?

Most forums keep the sub-board topics out of the parent board; generally, between large number of threads in the sub-boards, and the sub boards existing to segregate things in the first place, they aren’t wanted when looking at the parent board.

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Hi keybounce welcome to the forum

As an example, you can go to the Feature category here

Next to the category dropdown menu you will see "all"
This allows filtering the category / subcategories



Is there any way that I can set my per-user preferences to default to “none” instead of “all” in all boards/sub-boards?

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Nope we don’t have such setting yet.


Alright, so next: Having played with this, there is something that I cannot figure out how to do here.

In other forum software, I can open a tab with the messages for one board, then another tab with the messages for a sub-board (such as one tab for “Codex”, and one tab for “Codex play-by-forum”, or one tab for “Redstone creations”, and one for “Command blocks”.), and then go through, opening a tab for each thread of interest. Then, I have the threads open, one per tab, and read them. I can take such a setup away from my network connection, and read at the doctor’s office.

But I run into a problem with that approach here.

www. minecraftforum. net/forums (sorry, I had to break this link – I can’t put more than 2 links into a post).

If I have a tab for Mapping and Modding, I can then have a tab for Maps, then Map Discussions; I can have Minecraft Mods, then Mod Discussions, Ideas for Mods, and WIP Mods. (Note that I am now three levels down – Mapping and Modding -> Mods -> WIP Mods. That forum is full of three-level deep subforums like that).

In comparison, a simple two-level thing, such as one tab for Codex, and then another tab for Codex Play by Forum – since I get to Codex by Codex -> NONE, and the play by forum by Codex -> Play by Forum (changing a dropdown). Not by selecting different links for the different sub-boards. I can bookmark and go to the codex without play-by-forum. Or, could – that was the old forum. Codex - Sirlin Games goes to the new forum, which includes all sub-forums – and I have to select drop-downs to change which sub-forum I’m looking at.

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You can bookmark: Codex - Sirlin Games it changes the url when you change filters.


Ahh; I did not notice that. Thank you.
(“You are replying too quickly; please wait 1 second before trying that again”)

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Also, I suggest slightly changing your reading flow due to the way that Discourse works. You should be “Tracking” the topics / categories you’re interested in, then using Suggested Topics at the bottom as a “next topic” button.

This way, you don’t reload the entire app 7 times.


That’s the other thing. I’m used to forum pages being relatively static request/response HTML things. I request a forum page, and then I’m served a forum page. At most, there is flash updating of how many minutes ago a post was, and frankly I hate those (I’d rather just have a static time stamp).

A full “application” for reading a static page of text? That’s the “somethings wrong here” approach for me.

I am going on the assumption that your software is designed on the assumption that the reader is a single-tab/single-window, like most mobile readers (phones/tablets)?

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