How do you mark a topic as "solved"? Do we do that on Discourse?

(Seth) #1

Most forums let the thread (or topic) owner mark the thread/topic as “solved” meaning the original problem the OP had was fixed. On Stack Exchange sites you “accept” an answer to mark it as the answer that answered your question.

I don’t see a similar feature on Discourse. Is it there? Or do we even do that on Discourse?

I didn’t know what category to post this in, but feature seemed like the closest one. I also couldn’t find a similar topic which surprised me.

Solved Button Plugin
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(Jeff Atwood) #2

We generally archive bug topics that are fully resolved. You can browse the bug category to see that in action.

It is also possible to close topics, but that implies they could be reopened or live again. Archive freezes them in a block of ice and puts them in permanent, unmodifiable cold storage forever.

(FichteFoll) #3

I personally don’t like the idea of just freezing something, at least for this purpose. Freezing itself is fine but using it to mark discussions or questions as “solved” does not provide much use. For example, even for solved questions there might be an even better answer, or there might be other very related stuff to talk about even if the OP thinks his problem has been solved or his thought has been received.

Futhermore, if the OP can mark his own threads as solved one could easily browse a tag and decide quickly which discussion deserves attention (assuming this is visibly shown in the thread overview).

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Eventually we want a proper “issue” topic archetype, but for bugs that are definitively solved, archiving is appropriate.

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(Refael Dakar) #5

+1 for this. We’re eagerly looking for a way to mark posts as resolved.

(Slind) #6

some sort of solved or prefix would be pretty handy, not only for bug trackers, but for the support area, too. If they get moved to a archive they will be missed by people with a similar issue. If they get closed those people don’t have a chance to comment on if they have a further question. Being able to tag them as solved, would also highlight them for either people with the same issue or people supporting others…

(Lê Trần Đạt) #7

I would love to have this feature for my community.

(David García-Navas) #8

Some months ago I’ve seen the Bitnami community with this feature (green-coloured topics).

I suppose they use this plugin?

GitHub - shivpkumar/Solved-Button: Discourse plugin that allows the topic creator to select a correct post (a la StackOverflow) by @shivermetimbers

(Lê Trần Đạt) #9

I am using this plugin. However, everyone can select the button to mark a post correct. It’s quite annoying while anybody can mark a post correct.

I just found that flatrum has implemented this feature beautifully

I wonder why wouldn’t Discourse implement such thing?

(Khoa Nguyen) #10

@trandatnh accutally, It’s Esotalk Flarum is esoTalk’s successor. You can read it here: What’s Ahead for esoTalk? - esoTalk Blog

(Michael Downey) #11

While Discourse is not designed to be a Q&A system, you could mark a topic as solved by any of the following:

  • Closing the topic to new replies (and maybe editing the closing message)
  • Installing the new tagging plugin and adding a “solved” tag (restrict tagging to admins/moderators only)
  • Moving it to a “solved” category or subcategory

(Lê Trần Đạt) #12

Thank @downey, I don’t think it’s good solution though. It takes a lot of effort for the admins/moderators to close topics, or tag or move to solve category or subcategory

(Mittineague) #13

When is SOLVED truly solved?
Might it not happen that doing ABCDEF works but later it is found that doing XY is much better?

(Collin Moore) #14

I’m with @trandatnh and have to disagree with @Mittineague and @downey. While I don’t think anyone is thinking about using Discourse to displace Stack.

Many of us support communities that have multiple functions and sometimes that includes limited support. Users are just going to post it, we might as well have a simple and solid solution to inform readers with the best answer quickly and easily something any discussion platform should have.

Also sometimes there are post that have questions that are TRULY solved.

(Mittineague) #15

I guess you could always edit the topic title by adding a “Solved” and Close / Archive it.

As long as there is a “Reply as linked Topic” the discussion can always be revived if need be.

(Doug Harman) #16

I answered this in a different context last week ( Voting Up the Best Answer! ) as follows:

Shiv Kumar - who developed the New Relic discussion forum using Discourse (blog post here: New Relic blog) - created a plugin Solved-Button (here: Solved Button / Github) that allows the individual that asked a question to mark the correct answer.

@codinghorror - given the continued interest in a reputation / best answer system, perhaps someone should re-work the open source Stackoverflow type code into a Discourse plugin? Just a thought.

(Collin Moore) #17

Anyone know if Admins or Moderators can mark things as solved with the plugin that New Relic built?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #18

I’m a fan of adding - Solved to the topic’s title.

(Tobias Eigen) #19

On Kabissa, we have started using discourse to track todos. We put the status in parentheses at the end of the title. It works reasonably well.

Here's a copy/paste of our todo guidelines.

We are using discourse topics to track volunteer tasks.


Title should clearly describe the task. Indicate urgency if needed with URGENT at the front. Indicate status (new, in progress, resolved, feedback, closed, rejected) in parentheses at the end.

URGENT: Make sure backups to amazon s3 are running on (new) 

Tags should include todo as well as any relevant categorization to help with finding this todo later, e.g.:

todo backups civicrm drupal

Category should be appropriately set, e.g.:

Volunteers > Platform  

First line should mention the person who is being asked to do this task, e.g.:

@schnippy can you look at this? 

The rest of the first post in the topic should explain the todo as clearly as possible, preferably with a clearly stated acceptance test, e.g.:

Acceptance Test: When I log into the amazon s3 panel and browse to the kabissa backups folder, I can see the list of recent backups. When I download one I can verify it is not corrupted and working fine as a backup. These include nightly backups for kabissa and civicrm databases, weekly backups of files, and weekly backups of files and databases. 

When you take on a task, change the title to reflect its status and add a reply to indicate you are taking it on.

As the task moves through to completion, continue to reply to it to record any information or to ask questions. Change the title to change the status as needed.

When a todo topic is completed, close it!

(Doug Harman) #20

@codinghorror - I reached out to Shiv Kumar, the author of the Solved-Button plugin. He’s moved on to other projects at New relic. However, he’s amenable to reviewing / merging PR if someone else will step-up to maintaining the plugin. Here’s his response to me:

Hey Doug! Sooo, the thing is… I don’t work on New Relic’s forum anymore. I handed that project off to another team months back. While I’d love to jump back in and maintain that plugin, it’s not really something I can commit to at this time. Between other work projects, side projects and trying to have a personal life, I don’t really have much time. If you or someone you know wants to submit PRs to this repo, I’d be more than happy to review and merge them. Sorry that’s not the answer you wanted to hear, but I appreciate the @ mention on the forum and hope you can help keep this plugin up to date!