How do you prevent suspended SPAM accounts from showing in search?

(Brian Adams) #1

I noticed that suspended accounts still appear in search. I have a thousand or so suspended SPAM accounts that I don’t want showing up when people search.

  1. Is the best way to handle this to DELETE the account and block the email address? Will that work on a SSO implementation (ie, will the system prevent them from creating a new account associated with that email address when they come through SSO?)

  2. Is there a way, via the UI, to mass purge those same accounts?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Never suspend spammers, always delete. Why would you want a spammer to sign up again?

(Brian Adams) #3

I’m down with deleting the accounts! (I have a bunch in the suspended state after migration).

And in regards to the impact with SSO?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

It will, yes, but why would you want a spammer to sign up for another Discourse account using the same email and IP?

(Brian Adams) #5

Uhm. I must not be clear:

I don’t want the spammer signing in again.

I have not found, yet, how I would setup a SSO trigger so that Discourse could notify the SSO service that the user has been deleted and thus to ban the account on the SSO service as well. As a result, the spammer will still be able to attempt to login via SSO. I am relying on Discourse to prevent recreating the same account again after it has been deleted. I am assuming that blacklisting the email address will take care of that… even in the SSO scenario.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

As I said in my previous reply, it will, yes. Provided you delete them in Discourse.