How does discourse stack up to Jive today? (2015)

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #1

Continuing the discussion from An old Jive employee: So happy to discover Discourse!:

In case it’s not clear, I’m a huge fan of discourse. I am frequently thinking of where else I can see it deployed.

There is a large jive deployment I have my eyes set on and wonder - how does discourse stack up against Jive lately?

  • Can they handle the same sheer user/post volume? (I’lll use hosted discourse for the comparison)

  • Is there anything Jive can do that discourse can’t?

  • Is there anything Discourse can do that jive can’t?

  • How do their external authentications mechanisms stack up?

(Bcguy) #2

I migrated from Jive Forums to Discourse a year ago. I should note that Jive Forums was a discontinued and unsupported product by that time - so it was a major mess on my forums (we had a lot of traffic and well over a million messages and Jive Forums was dying under the load.

Jive has moved very decidedly away from pure forum software to more of an enterprise “social” software in the past 4 years - which is very different from the Discourse variety of software. Jive Forums was much more like Discourse - but again, Jive moved away from this market many years ago.

I suspect that Jive Software is now much more likely to be competing against SLACK than Discourse.

I have not stayed up on Jive’s “Social Software” for enterprises - when I looked at it, it was far more features than I wanted or needed, at a price that was much more in line with Fortune 500 companies than any web forum type of application.

In summary - they are now very different beasts. I really don’t see them competitive. Discourse is a fantastic product for web-based forums, mobile and web. Jive is really a social app focused on enterprise applications with very different feature sets.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #3

Stunning news, actually, that their Forums product was discontinued. I can’t really fathom what “Social App” is or means… and the use case in mind is most certainly a discussion forum.

Slack/chat won’t work as a solution as it’s all real-time and as soon as a new topic is started, the old is lost forever. Search? heh, slack doesn’t work like that.

What, if anything, did you miss from Jive?

(Bcguy) #4

The only thing that Jive Forums does differently that I like is that when you create multiple categories under the main forum - they acted like independent forums.

With Discourse - when you click “home” (as everyone does at some point) you get all the discussions merged together. That is probably desirable in some / many forums - but it doesn’t work well for mine - so I need to create another instance of Discourse and have a completely separate forum, which is an additional management overhead and cost.

Other than that - Discourse is as good or better in all respects (that I can think of).

(Dogweather) #5

Jive pretty much acts as a corporate “Intranet”, if anybody still uses that word. So for example, people in a company can create groups and projects. They can create versioned documents which move in a publication flow process, i.e., “Draft”, “Finished”, “Outdated”, etc. Employees can write internal blog posts. The documents can be more or less edited collaboratively. Jive automatically creates org charts based on the user data; I’ve heard this is a huge selling feature for it. No real forum, but Jive does make it easy to intelligently link to all the different kinds of content, GitHub-style.

(Logan Mathews) #6

With Discourse - when you click “home” (as everyone does at some point) you get all the discussions merged together.

Why not just set the categories to the front of the list so it shows up for the main page?

(Dogweather) #7

AFAIK, this is the forum administrator’s choice.

(Bcguy) #8

I sort of do this already - I have direct links from my web site’s home page to the forum categories - so I try to lead everyone to the “sub-forums” directly - but it seems that most people just end up saving the “home” list of the forum and participating in all the discussions in all the forums - and this is causing problems for me. The forums are too porous for my use - I need more discrete subforums. My subforums are for very discrete and different audiences and if they cross it causes problems. I’ve talked with the Discourse team and they recommend multiple instances for this type of application.