How does the email functionality work on Discourse?

(Andrea Roberts) #1

Hello All - I’m new to the community and to Discourse. I’m trying to figure my way through all of these settings (overwhelmed :)) and I’m unclear how the email works. Here are a few of my questions to start:

-Do we need to integrate with existing email service or is this all done independently through Discourse?
-If independently, how would we handle unsubscribes from our email service and Discourse?
-Where do I define what sender address the email comes from?
-Can we use our own domain?

If there is any documentation specific to this topic out there please point me to it.

Your help is appreciated in advance.


(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Welcome, Andrea!

You’ll need to use some mail delivery service like Mailgun or SparkPost. The install-cloud provides some others. My standard install uses Mailgun–you create an account and give me the API key and I configure it for your domain.

Though Discourse doesn’t deliver mail, it does handle deciding who should get it.

There is a setting for what address you want to use in the from line. It’s customary, but not required, that mail be sent from the forum’s domain name.

You can use your own domain.

(Andrea Roberts) #3

Thanks Jay,

I’m not super technical, so excuse the “dumb” questions. I was able to test sending an email and received it - so if Discourse doesn’t deliver mail - who delivered that email to me?

I’m looking to understand if we need to integrate with our existing email delivery service, SendGrid or if Discourse has email delivery system out of the box.

Thanks in advance,

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Discourse hands the mail off to a mail transfer agent. You can have discourse use sendgrid.

Discourse does deliver the mail to an MTA like sendgrid, but it doesn’t do the actual delivery.

Do you have discourse installed? Is it your discourse that sent the mail?

(Glenn Sims) #5

A “mail transfer agent”, as Jay is mentioning, is a service that sends emails. If this is a low-volume Discourse server you’re using, then a free plan from MailJet would be neat. Setting up the SMTP settings can be done when Discourse is first built.

(I haven’t set one up recently, so idk how to do it if it’s already installed)

(Andrea Roberts) #6

We do have it set up, we have the Standard Plan.

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

Oh! That’s the piece that I was missing. Then you’re paying for mail delivery so you don’t have to worry about it.

If what you want to do is change your outgoing email address you can do that. You’d need to ask a question like “I’m a hosted customer. How can I change my outgoing email address to my domain?”

(Jeff Atwood) #8

And the answer to that is… be an enterprise client, as due to complexity we can only do that for enterprise hosted clients.